Miêu tả con mèo bằng tiếng Anh Update 06/2024

Hôm nay chúng ta đến với một đề tài về miêu tả con Mèo, điều đặc biệt là miêu tả con Mèo bằng tiếng Anh thay vì tiếng Việt, vậy nên  chia sẻ 2 mẫu cho các bạn tham khảo:

Miêu tả về con Mèo bằng tiếng Anh

Bài tham khảo 1:

I have a cute cat. I fed it from when it was young. Her name is M. M has a yellow coat with a short chase. She has a black-eyed which can glow in the dark. She has a tiny nose with a pair of small ears. She is not fat but She looks very cute with tiny body. She is really so cute in my eyes.

She likes playing with colors wool rolls.Especially She likes to lie in my arms. And of course I always do that.She always says meow. Probably, It shows that M is happy for that. I like stroke her soft coat. She make me feel happy. I think I’m lucky enough to have M.

Bài tham khảo 2:

During childhood, I used to feed different kind of pet such as: hamster, dog, rabbit; however, I still like my cat the most. Her name is Katy. Her hair consists of three colors white, black and blonde. She has tiny ear, small nose and blue bright eyes, which can glow in the dark. Her hobbies is playing with colors wool rolls and catching mouse.

Katy don’t really like cat food, she enjoy fish bone, rice and tiny shrimp. Although she eats less, she seems to be energetic all day long. Katy and I have great time being together. She is my best friend as she knows how is my inside feeling and sharing my sadness as well as happiness.

Whenever I am not in good mood or in trouble, I hug her and feel a cosy breath that sweep all the disappointment. Every evening, I take her for a walk in a local park so that we can enjoy fresh air and she makes more friends with other cats. Cat is an easy-to-feed pet as it is small, obedient.

In spite of laziness, it helps us relaxing, protecting house from some insects. Cat is not new to people but its feather is used to make out many cat fur coat and other items of fashion.

It is highly recommend that government create a strict law banning on cat thief. Finally, cat is a cute animal; therefore, it needs to be protected and preserved from being eaten and illegally killed.